Amazon Quiz 22 May 2021 Answers : Win Rs 30,000 Pay Balance : Todays Amazon Daily Quiz

Amazon Quiz

Amazon Quiz 22 May 2021 Answers : Amazon India is back with the daily Amazon Quiz where users can answer questions and stand a chance to Win Rs 30,000 Pay Balance. All you have to do is that just give the right answers to all the 5 questions asked.

Amazon quizzes focus on product trivia and provide the opportunity for customers to Win Rs 30,000 Pay Balance. The prizes for these quizzes range from free products (including mobile phones and other gadgets) and goodies to Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon Quiz 22 May 2021 Answers : Live Updates

Q1 : One of the valid phrases to open the quiz page through Alexa is ‘_ quiz page’ . Fill in the blanks

Answer : Today’s

Q2 : IH2A is an industry coalition of global and Indian companies focused on building a supply chain for what in India?

Answer : Hydrogen

Q3 : Who among these is recognized as India’s first female cricket commentator?

Answer : Chandra Naidu

Q4 : The three-banded rosefinch is a new bird species discovered in India. In which state was this rare bird sighted in 2021?

Answer : Arunachal Pradesh

Q5 : These shoes are used in what form of dance?

Answer : Ballet

Q6 : The Egyptian God for this is named what?

Answer : Ra

Amazon Pay Broadband Quiz Answers : Live Updates

Q1 : Landline/ broadband payments on Amazon less than INR 10000, can be made through which of these methods?

Answer : All of these

Q2 : If a payment is successful through Amazon Pay Balance , but the landline/ broadband bill payment failed, what is the timeline for a refund?

Answer : Refund would be done instantly

Q3 : On the landline/ broadband bill payment screen on Amazon, the BBPS logo appears. What does BBPS stand for?

Answer : Bharat Bill Pay System

Q4 : Landline/ broadband payment on Amazon can be made on which of these platforms?

Answer : All of these

Q5 : For landline/ broadband bill payments on Amazon greater than INR 10000, which of these is a valid mode of payment?

Answer : Amazon Pay UPI

Amazon Mother’s Day Quiz Answers : Live Updates

Q1 : The modern Mother’s Day celebrations originated from Anna Jarvis organizing a memorial service for her late mother in which of these places?

Answer : Grafton, West Virginia

Q2 : As per the ‘Nayi Soch’ campaign of which firm, did Indian cricketers sport their mother’s name on the back of their jerseys during a match?

Answer : Star

Q3 : Serena Williams won which Grand Slam title in 2017, during the early stages of her pregnancy?

Answer : Australian Open

Q4 : Which author serves as the president of Gingerbread- an organization that works with single parents?

Answer : JK Rowling

Q5 : Marie Curie was a legendary scientist and also a great mother, one of whose children went on to win the Nobel Prize in which field?

Answer : Chemistry

Amazon Fit India Quiz : Live Updates

Q1 : Which of these characterizes a Keto diet?

Answer : All of these

Q2 : Which of these are cardio exercises that can be done at home?

Answer : All of these

Q3 : Having citrus fruits is good for health primarily because they are high in which Vitamin?

Answer : Vitamin C

Q4 : Which of these asanas is also known as the Diamond pose?

Answer : Vajrasana

Q5 : Red bell peppers boost your immune system. They are a rich source of beta carotene, which the body converts into what vitamin?

Answer : Vitamin A

How to Play the Amazon Quiz?

• Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.

• Open & Sign In To The Amazon App.

• Go To Home Page & Scroll Down Then You Will See “Amazon Quiz August 15” Banner, Tap On It.

• Now Just Tap On Start Tab To Play The Quiz.

• Make sure to answer by 12 PM as the quiz is not valid after 12 PM today.

Amazon Quiz August 27 Details:

Today’s reward: Rs 50,000 Amazon Pay Balance

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