‘We should bat first if we win the toss’ said Imran Khan

imran khan

The Prime Minister and Former Captain of Pakistan Team advised what to do if you get a toss! Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed disagreed with the legendary Imran Khan’s advice to bat first. Imran gave the team good wishes and suggestions in five tweets the day before the match. Imran’s first tweet was that mindset is a must for success in modern cricket.

When I started my career, a cricketer was 70% capable and 30% conscientious. By the time I retired, it had reached 50–50. I agree with my friend Sunil Gavaskar that it is now 40-60. The level of remorse may be even higher. Imran said he was happy that Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed was a man of good will and the team should try to play it safe. Imran, who advised only specialist bowlers and specialist batsmen to join the team.

Imran Khan advised that “all fears of losing should be banished from the mind as the mind can only process one thought at a time, and then went on to give three tips, including to win the toss and bat first, unless the pitch is damp.

Imran tweeted, “If the pitch is not wet, the batting should be chosen after getting the toss.”

“We will bowl first. It has been raining in Old Trafford from the last three days so conditions are good for bowling. I think, it is a good option to play two spinners against India. We have quality spinners and we have backed them today. India Pakistan is a big match. We are not thinking about 6-0. We are just focusing on this match and we want to play our best game. We are not thinking about the result,” Sarfaraz said after winning toss and opting to bowl.

However, India’s Virat Kohli supported that decision, even though Sarfraz did not compromise on Imran’s advice: Kohli said, “I would have chosen to field first if I won the toss.

Look at the trolls appearing in the social media about this advise.


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